Privacy Policy

1. The purpose for which your data is collected

  • We collect customer’s information to process orders for goods or printed stationery.
  • If you allow us to do so, we can store your phone number in our directory. We advise so especially to our returning customers who often order printing jobs. This is to have a way to quickly contacting you regarding orders you place and to maintain proper communication, so your order can be finished faster.
  • At the moment we do NOT run any newsletters or direct marketing.

2. Your privacy rights

  • You have a right to be “forgotten” from all our databases. To do so, please prepare a written request of data removal, specify if you wish all designs done for you to be removed as well, sign and date it and then please hand it or post it to our shop to:

FOA Christopher Zientara

Magpie & Crow Limited

27 Market Street


EH41 3JE

  • Please make sure you include a contact telephone number and/or email address with your request in case we would have to contact you to properly process your request. After your request is finished, we will never contact you unless you give us a new permission.
  • You have a right to access or check how your data is being used.
  • You have a right to have design of printed stationery to be removed after you collect the order. Please bear in mind two facts. First is that the removal of private data is free of charge. Second is that if you would decide to have more stationery printed in the future, new design will have to be made thus you will need to pay again for making it.

3. The way in which your data will be used, stored and retained.

  • We retain your data only for the period of processing your order for goods. After you collect your order your data is shredded.
  • We retain your data for printed stationery on our protected flash disc. This is to have the produced design saved for future use. Your details will be removed from the order board after you collect your order.
  • We are using your data to produce printed stationery for you, to contact you regarding your order or to make you aware of unpredicted closure of the shop on the day when you intended to come and collect your order to save you trip.

4. Default agreement

Unless you say otherwise, the following will be applied when you give us your personal information:

  • 1. For orders of goods: we will retain your information only for the period of handling your order. Your name and details of the product you ordered will be placed and visible on the order board in our shop for employees to access and process your order. Your phone number and/or email address will be covered. After you collect your order, your details will be shredded.
  • 2. For orders of printed stationery: we will retain your information in two places. On our order board we will keep your requirements, name and phone number and/or email address. This information will be shredded after you collect your order. On our secured flash disc we will keep a design produced for you that contains your details, so when you require additional copies, we will be able to print them off straight away.
  • 3. You can allow us to store your contact details in our phone directory and/or visibly shown on our board to allow us to contact you quickly. In such case we will have only your name and phone number stored.
  • 4. You have a right to request your details to be additionally protected (e.g. by not being shown at all on our order board). Please bear in mind that some additional security measures might result in additional cost to your order.
  • 5. You have a right to inspect our order board to make sure it meets your safety requirements.
  • 6. You have a right to request the removal of the design of printed stationery after you collect the order. Please bear in mind that in case you require additional copies in the future, new design will have to be made thus you will pay again the design fee.
  • 7. By proceeding with the order you confirm that you are happy with the level of security carried out by us.
  • 8. By placing order with us you agree to be bound by this terms and conditions.