Free CVs T's and C's

§1 Definitions

  1. Offer: please see §2 for detailed explanation of what is the subject of this offer.
  2. You: anyone, who is looking for job in Scotland.
  3. CV: stands for curriculum vitae. It is a written overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications for a job opportunity.
  4. We/Us/Our shop: Magpie & Crow Limited based at 27 Market Street, Haddington, EH41 3JE. It is the company managing this offer.
  5. Print: unit of printouts done in our shop in case of printing CVs. 1 side of paper sheet printed our in our shop counts for 1 print. A double sided printout done on 1 sheet of paper counts for 2 prints. CVs can be printed only on A4 sized paper.

§2 Our shop offers you to have first 20 prints of your CVs to be free of charge. You will need to pay for any further copies.

§3 Offer is only valid in our shop.

§4 You can use this offer only once every 3 months as long as the offer becomes extended.

§5 The offer will last till the 30/04/2018. It can be extended by a written notice presented to the public in our shop and on our Facebook page

§4 By participating in our offer you allow us to store your details for statistics and verification purposes in order to prevent abuse of this offer (i.e. to prevent this offer being used by one person more often than once every 3 months)

§5 Printouts of your CVs can be done only in black and white (grayscale). Alternatively you can receive a discount of £2.60 on your first 20 prints of CV, if you want colors beyond grayscale to be shown up. 

§6 You are entitled to use your allowance of 20 free prints to be distributed on other job-seeking-related documents, e.g. references, covering letters, certificates or diplomas. Please note that the total of free printouts remains 20. In case you request multiple documents being printed we might ask you to come back in 30 minutes to collect your order.

§7 Your CVs can be delivered to us by an email message or on a USB flash drive or on SD card.

§8 In case we suspect that your SD card and USB flash drive might damage our computer, we can decline using that particular device and ask you to deliver your CV using different way.

§9 You can alternatively bring a printed out CVs for photocopying. They will be subject for all paragraphs related to printing out documents.

§10 All SD cards and USB flash drives used in our shop are scanned for viruses. Please note that if your device contains over 1 GB of data, scanning can last over 30 minutes. Devices containing over 10 GB of data will not be accepted and we will ask you to deliver your CVs in different way.

§11 You cannot print your CVs straight from your phone as we never give access to our internal network.

§12 We only accept DOC, DOCX and PDF files for printing CVs.

§13 Our shop reserves itself a right to terminate this offer without giving any notice and without stating a reason.

§14 In the event of disagreement decision of our shop is final.